Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hari tu masa tgh buat roti naik ngan Mas, Ellyana ada tanya psl rainbow cake. Tapi tak nak janji apa2 ngan dia takut tak sempat buat pulak. So teringat pulak lah birthday mama dia on the 18th April.
Tarraaaaa..... So here's the brightly colored rainbow cake for the birthday mum to Naz, Elli & Lysha i.e. NORMASLINDA MOHD SOM. Happy Birthday Awakkkkkkk... Semoga pjg umur, murah rezeki & sihat selalu...


Noraini Che Sab said...


I was looking for my ex-DHL colleague NORMASLINDA MOHD SOM, and I came across your blog. From the pictures you posted - she's the friend I'm looking for. Is there any way to be in contact with her?

Noraini Che Sab

swollen heart said...

Noraini ... This is Mas. Can u email me then i will let u know my phon enumber

My Thoughts said...

asm I'm Fuziah Saad .I'm searching for a friend by the name of Noraini Che Sab. Can I have her email please. My email is TQ

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